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Pool Deck: Crack Repair & Concrete Leveling in Fredericksburg, VA

Fredericksburg, VA: The pool area of this Fredericksburg home had a slab that was sinking and causing a lip at the top of the stairs of the pool. The slabs to the left and right of the pool were also heaving. The joints were rotting away / getting pushed out from underneath, as well as the concrete was riddled with cracks. Our team went ahead and lifted the concrete to be level with the pool steps using our PolyLEVEL technology, removed the old joints and filled them in with our NexusPRO. We also went ahead and did crack repair using our NexusPRO product. The concrete really does look brand new!

Lifting & Leveling, Crack Repair in Rockville, VA

Rockville, VA: This client had a really badly cracked portion of his walkway, which was also sinking as well. We went ahead and lifted that section up, along with the rest of his walkway, with our PolyLEVEL foam, and we were able to make that huge crack look a lot better than before using our NexusPRO caulking agent!

Lift & Level, Crack Repair in Rockville, VA

Rockville, VA: Here we see part of a sidewalk at the clients home that has settled significantly-- this can be seen from the separation between the brick wall and the sidewalk itself. We went ahead and lifted that back up with our PolyLEVEL foam injection technology. The clients old joints were dried and cracking, so we went ahead and filled those in with our NexusPRO caulking agent. That lift and sealing the joints, gaps, and cracks with NexusPRO has made their concrete have a fresh, new, look!

Lifting & Leveling in Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA: Here you can see that the aggregate sidewalk that meets with the brick steps has dropped a few inches. We went ahead and lifted it back up with our PolyLEVEL foam injection technology and caulked the gap with our waterproof NexusPRO caulking agent. Looks great!

Crack Repair in Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA: Here we have a slab that's in pretty bad shape. It's cracked, heaving, and just looks awful in general. We went ahead and cleaned those cracks out, lifted the slabs up with our PolyLEVEL foam injection technology, and joined them back together using our NexusPRO caulking agent. Doesn't look brand new, but it definitely looks A LOT better!

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