Work Requests in Henrico

Ogburn Construction is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Henrico. Learn more about Ogburn Construction's recent work requests in Henrico and nearby areas!

Learn more about Ogburn Construction Inc's recent work requests in Henrico, VA
Vicinity of Harborough Rd in Henrico
There is an inch gap between our concrete front porch and our house. We'd like to raise the concrete porch to fill the gap.
Vicinity of Tilbury Lane in Henrico
I have a 2 car garage, that needs to be cleaned and sealed. so that I can hose down any debris
Vicinity of LOCUST HILL RD in Henrico
Composite sidewalk has cracked and at least one of the sections as sunk. I am most concerned about the section that supports the brick steps that lead to my porch. The two posts at the end of the steps (that should rest on the sidewalk) have been taking on water and starting to rot.
Vicinity of Ivyglen Ct in Henrico
Need to seal pool deck and get estimate/recommendation on some repairs of a few areas. 2 years old and hasn't been sealed.
Vicinity of Foxmoore Ave in Henrico
Need to raise 5 x 5 slab up 2 to 3 inches to brick steps make level
Vicinity of Northlake Pl in Henrico
Our concrete driveway has cracks that need repairing. The front sidewalk also has uneven sections.
Vicinity of Chimney Stone Court in Henrico
Uneven sidewalk creating a large trip hazard.
Vicinity of Waltham Ct. in Henrico
Small brick retention wall that houses an outdoor patio is starting to give. The wall is about 10x6. House built in 1964. Needs excavation and straightening with new liner to keep water out.
Vicinity of GLEN GARY CIR in Henrico
We need to repair our concrete driveway. Want to do it the best but least expensive way. Need a quote.
Vicinity of Lydell Drive in Henrico
I need a free quote for concrete jacking around my pool.
Vicinity of Mosswood Rd in Henrico
I have a sidewalk that needs leveling
Vicinity of Waltham Drive in Henrico
1). Front concrete sidewalk lift/level 2). backyard concrete patio Level/patch and possibly expand.
Vicinity of Covey Run Drive in Henrico
Garage floor cracks
Vicinity of Naman Rd in Henrico
Concrete around pool and patio has numerous large cracks and one raised section. Also smaller cracks on driveway.
Vicinity of Turner Forest Place in Henrico
Patio cracked concrete in a few places.
Vicinity of Strath Rd in Henrico
I have a rectangular 12' x 16' covered concrete patio that has had one corner against the house settle approximately 1" - 1 1/2". The slope causes wind-driven water to flow towards the house foundation instead of away. I'd like to level the patio back out, or even create some slight positive slope to aid in drainage. I have photos of the patio available and I would like to get a quote.
Vicinity of Parchment Circle in Henrico
Front sidewalk settling in 1 place and driveway cracked
Vicinity of Fox Meadow Dr. in Henrico
We have a section of our aggregate driveway that has sunk and is not directing water towards the home. We need to have it leveled so that it runs water away from the home.
Vicinity of Whippoorwill Rd in Henrico
Patio,walks and pool deck needs cleaning and sealed
Vicinity of Waveny Road in Henrico
Some low cracked spots on front walkway. Water is pooling. Would like to see what could be done.
Vicinity of Skyview Drive in Henrico
Sidewalk, 4ftx7ft, needs repair or replacement..
Vicinity of Ridgecrest Drive in Henrico
Cracked walkway leading to the house
Vicinity of Battery Hill Dr in Henrico
I have a garage apron that is in absolute despair and would like to have it replaced.
Vicinity of Eden Street in Henrico
We have an exposed aggregate concrete driveway. It was shattered on one edge and has some other cracks, all caused by a dumpster that was far too heavy to be on the driveway. I'd like to understand the "repair" option(s) you might offer.
Vicinity of Leffingwell in Henrico
Uneven section of front sidewalk
Vicinity of Parchment Circle in Henrico
I have a slab that has raised or settled
Vicinity of Greenway Avenue in Henrico
Driveway, sidewalk and porch have shifted.
Vicinity of Lockport Pl in Henrico
Sunken concrete walkway
Vicinity of Waco in Henrico
We have a loading dock that is sagging in the middle an cracking.
Vicinity of Fanwood Court in Henrico
Front porch
Vicinity of Hearthrock Ct in Henrico
Small sidewalk next to garage
Vicinity of Persimmon Ct in Henrico
I have a concrete driveway that one slab has shifted.
Vicinity of Weather Vane Court in Henrico
Stamped sidewalk I uneven by 3/4 inch
Vicinity of Church Ct in Henrico
My front sidewalk needs to be leveled, and perhaps my driveway. Also, there's a slab in the back that needs leveling.
Vicinity of Wanymala Rd in Henrico
12x22 concrete pad / carport with cracks. Looking for repair.
Vicinity of Northlake Drive in Henrico
Broken and sunken exposed aggregate sidewalk
Vicinity of Michael Road in Henrico
Would like a crack in our sidewalk leveled
Vicinity of Ensley Ct in Henrico
Aggregate walkway needs to be leveled
Vicinity of F Derbyshire Road in Henrico
Patio is cracked with some sinking and elevation of different areas
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