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Concrete Repair
PolyLevel® concrete leveling
NexusPro® cracked concrete repair
SealantPro™ concrete sealing
ResurfacePro™ Concrete Resurfacing
Residential concrete repair & leveling
Driveway repair
Pool deck repair
Walkway & sidewalk leveling
Front steps repair
Commercial concrete repair
Warehouse floor & industrial concrete repair
Airport & railroad repair
Municipal concrete leveling
Void filling & erosion control
Pre-construction soil stabilization

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Before and After Pictures from Chesterfield
Crack Repair in Chesterfield, VA

Crack Repair in Chesterfield, VA

Before After
Crack Repair in Chesterfield, VA Crack Repair in Chesterfield, VA

Chesterfield, VA - Here we used our PolyLEVEL foam injection technology to void fill the washed out areas underneath the aggregate sidewalk. We then used our NexusPRO caulking agent to repair the crack. Looks great!

Lifting & Leveling in Chesterfield, VA

Lifting & Leveling in Chesterfield, VA

Before After
Lifting & Leveling in Chesterfield, VA Lifting & Leveling in Chesterfield, VA

Chesterfield, VA- Here, we have a concrete slab leading up to the front porch of a house. The concrete is leaning away from the house, pooling water between the lawn and walkway. We used PolyLevel to level out the concrete and stabilize it, then we used NexusPro to seal the joints so water wouldn't get under the slab, eroding the soil away. 

Lifting & Leveling in Chesterfield, VA

Lifting & Leveling in Chesterfield, VA

Before After
Lifting & Leveling in Chesterfield, VA Lifting & Leveling in Chesterfield, VA

Chesterfield, VA- Here, we have an unlevel sidewalk due to voids under the concrete from soil erosion. We used PolyLevel to lift the concrete slabs up and level them so that it makes a smooth walkway. 

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Chesterfield, VA's concrete repair expert

Why trust an inexperienced contractor with the security, curb appeal, and value of your home? At Ogburn Construction, we have been restoring sinking, cracked slabs since 1988, providing attentive customer service, exclusive solutions, and long-lasting results with every job.

Our concrete repair services include:

  • Driveway repair
  • Pool deck repair
  • Step leveling
  • Patio repair
  • Interior slab leveling
  • Porch repair
  • Commercial concrete repair
  • And more!

See why Chesterfield, VA residents have been choosing us for over 30 years and schedule a free cracked concrete repair, concrete leveling, or concrete sealing quote today!

Comprehensive concrete repair solutions available

If you've noticed a sinking, damaged driveway, walkway, or warehouse floor, you may be worried how the slab is impacting your property's overall image and curb appeal – but the truth is, that may be the least of your concerns. As a dangerous falling hazard, these damaged slabs are also a liability issue.

While other contractors continue to offer the same old, disruptive, and costly concrete repair solutions, we at Ogburn Construction do better. With our exclusive concrete repair systems, we can promise results that are long-lasting, mess-free, and stress-free!

  • PolyLevel® concrete leveling: With the PolyLevel® injection system, we can promise fast-acting, mess-free, and durable concrete leveling for loads of all sizes. This non-invasive solution can level and lift all types of residential and commercial slabs, including pool decks, sidewalks, steps, driveways, railways, warehouse floors, airports, and more!
  • NexusPro® cracked concrete repair: If you have cracked concrete, our NexusPro® system provides highly durable and fast-acting results. NexusPro® can be installed all year round and is resistant to UV rays, extreme temperatures, drying, cracking, and bubbling.
  • SealantPro™ concrete sealing: Want to extend your slab's life by 3 to 5 times overall? SealantPro™ concrete sealing permanently bonds with slabs in just one quick application, reducing ice bondage and providing lasting protection against color fading, UV rays, water damage, and more.
  • ResurfacePro™ Concrete Resurfacing: The ResurfacePro system provides an alternative that covers damaged and unsightly concrete with a durable layer of polymer cement, leaving your concrete functional and aesthetically appealing.

Schedule a free concrete repair & leveling quote

If you're interested in any of our concrete repair solutions, including concrete leveling, cracked concrete repair, and concrete sealing, we provide free, no-obligation quotes to homeowners in Chesterfield, VA and areas nearby.

See why your friends and neighbors have been choosing us for over 30 years – click below to contact us online today!

Job Stories From Chesterfield, VA
Concrete Lifting/Leveling in Chesterfield

Chesterfield -- We had previously done crack repair for David H. to fill in cracking in his driveway. After our great services, he decided to go with our three-part Concrete Protection Services to prolong the lift of his concrete. 

To ensure a 10-year warranty for David's concrete we used our three-part Concrete protection services which include, lifting/leveling the concrete, filling the cracks and joints, and sealing the concrete. To lift, level, and stabilize the concrete we inject our PolyLevel foam beneath the concrete. After lifting the concrete, we use our NexusPro to fill in the joints and the cracks of the concrete. This 100% silicone based filler is UV resistant and protects the ground underneath the concrete from further settlement and deterioration. Lastly, we use our SealantPro to seal and protect the concrete from future water, oil, and salt damage. 

David was very happy with our services, and happy to have gone through with our proposed repairs. 

Concrete Lifting/Leveling in Chesterfield - Photo 1Concrete Lifting/Leveling in Chesterfield - Photo 2
Driveway Repair in Chesterfield

Chesterfield -- Donald S. was not happy with the deterioration of the joints in his concrete driveway. After seeing our ad in Valpak, Donald was curious to see if we could help replace these old joints in his driveway to make his driveway look presentable. When we went to his property for a free consultation appointment, we noticed that his driveway was uneven in some spots which could eventually result in the concrete to crack. To stop this cracking from happening, we used our PolyLevel foam to even out the concrete slabs. 

Our PolyLevel foam is injected underneath the concrete to lift, level, and stabilize the concrete. Then, using our NexusPro we filled in the old joints that Donald was not happy with. Donald's driveway was looking new by the end of the whole experience!

Donald was very happy with the experience and was glad to have the problem solved!

Driveway Repair in Chesterfield - Photo 1
Concrete Repair in Chesterfield

Chesterfield -- Mike S. had sinking concrete that went around his property. His neighbor had recently gotten work done by us, and had recommended us to Mike. He reached out to us to help him with the aggregate concrete that surrounded his property. He was scheduled for a free consultation appointment to receive a quote on repairing his concrete. 

Mike went with our proposed work to repair in his concrete. For his repair, we used our three-part Concrete Protection Services. First, we use our PolyLevel foam and inject it underneath the concrete. The PolyLevel foam lifts, levels, and stabilizes the concrete. Second, we use our UV resistant NexusPro to fill in the joints and the cracking in the concrete. Third, we use our SealantPro. Our SealantPro extends the life of the concrete and protects it from future oil, water, and salt damage. These three together gives the concrete a 10-year warranty. 

Mike was very happy with the work and was thankful to our crew for a job well done!

Concrete Repair in Chesterfield - Photo 1Concrete Repair in Chesterfield - Photo 2Concrete Repair in Chesterfield - Photo 3
Concrete Lifting/Leveling in Chesterfield

Chesterfield -- Michael and Merri C. had an issue with their sinking front steps. Merri had recently fallen down from the steps, so they posed a danger to them. They reached out to us through our website. Their aggregate walkway was sinking from the bottom steps and creating a treacherous fall. They reached out to us through our website and booked a free consultation appointment to receive a quote on fixing their concrete. 

To help with problem, we recommended to lift this concrete to make it once again level with the stairs. Using our PolyLevel foam we can lift, level, and stabilize the concrete. With this lift we were able to diminish the tripping hazard. 

Michael and Merri were relieved to have this settlement gone, so they would not have a dangerous tripping hazard anymore. 

Concrete Lifting/Leveling in Chesterfield - Photo 1
Work Requests From Chesterfield, VA
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
Primarily a section of sidewalk needs leveling. Also (depending on price) expansion strips need replacing.
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
Side garage door concrete stoop/porch with 2 steps has dropped approximately 2-3" and is tilting toward house. It is not apparently attached to the foundation of the house but sits next to house. The piece is approximately 3'x'3 not including the attached one piece stair. This is a poured in place and not a pre-cast piece at the side walk door of the garage.
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
My driveway has cracks after winter. I spread some salt and the cracks appeared like 3 month ago.
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
Driveway uneven and cracked
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
To concrete lift a portion of concrete outside by the garage and a small portion of my crawl space. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
A concrete parking has large crack and section has started to sink /slope to side yard. Plus a corner section of pool pad appears to be pulling away/sinking Plus various surface cracks in pool pad surrounding pool
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
I have a cracked and sloping concrete driveway in need of repair. Also interested job drainage solutions to address erosion concerns
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
Walkway has settled ~2" leading to brick step at front door. exposed aggregate walkway. Home is ~30 years old
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
Need a quote on raising a slab of sinking concrete near the pedestrian garage door entrance
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
Concrete walkway sinking into ground, causing a tripping hazard. Looking to get an estimate to fix it
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
Sidewalk sinking cracked, pool deck repair, and garage envelopes Cracking
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
One section of concrete driveway sinking and has caused large crack.
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
Currently have gravel driveway for personal home. Request estimate/quote for paving/converting to concrete driveway.
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
I have two section of my aggregated sidewalk that is cracked.
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
Cracked and partly sinking driveway
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
Chipped concrete and weeds going in the cracked sidewalk...small area but need repairs
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
Two items need addressing. Sidewalk leveling Pool Deck Resurface
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
My driveway has a few coats of epoxy paint and it is peeling in many spots. It also has some crevaces caused by salt. I wpoul like to have it resealed.
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
Driveway needs repairing or replacing. Want to receive one more quote before deciding.
Project Location: Chesterfield, VA
Need driveway repaired.
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