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Concrete Leveling in Fredericksburg, VA

Fredericksburg, VA: The sidewalk of this Fredericksburg, VA home was uneven and sinking when the production team came in to work on the project. They lifted and leveled the sidewalk using our PolyLEVEL foam injection technology and filled in the cracks/joints with our NexusPRO product.

Pool Deck: Crack Repair & Concrete Leveling in Fredericksburg, VA

Fredericksburg, VA: The pool area of this Fredericksburg home had a slab that was sinking and causing a lip at the top of the stairs of the pool. The slabs to the left and right of the pool were also heaving. The joints were rotting away / getting pushed out from underneath, as well as the concrete was riddled with cracks. Our team went ahead and lifted the concrete to be level with the pool steps using our PolyLEVEL technology, removed the old joints and filled them in with our NexusPRO. We also went ahead and did crack repair using our NexusPRO product. The concrete really does look brand new!

Concrete Leveling in Palmyra, VA

Palmyra, VA: Here we have a slab that is dipping and sinking on one end. It also is riddled with cracks. We used our PolyLEVEL foam injection technology to bring that slab right back up, flush, and even with their door. We also went ahead and used our NexusPRO caulking agent to fill in any cracked areas and joints. They even got a five-year warranty included!

Concrete Leveling in Glen Allen, VA

Glen Allen, VA: The front porch of this Glen Allen, VA home was sinking quite deep and sagging off into the corners when the production came in to perform the work. They went ahead and lifted the porch with our PolyLEVEL foam technology and also sealed the joints after the lift using our NexusPRO caulking agent. The difference is amazing! Just look at it!

Concrete Leveling in Midlothian, VA

Midlothian, VA: Here we see a sinking concrete patio slab. There's about an inch or more of a gap between the home and the slab. Using our PolyLEVEL system we were able to lift the slab enough to close that gap! We also made a cut to the concrete slab and filled it in with our NexusPRO caulking. Looks brand new!

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