Shielding Concrete with SealantPro and NexusPro: A Dual Defense Against the Ravages of Time

Concrete, the backbone of modern infrastructure, has its issues that can compromise strength and longevity. Despite its robust nature, the impact of environmental factors and everyday use can take a toll. Many people think if the concrete has a base that is well compacted, there is rebar reinforcement, there is fiber in the mix, or wire mesh throughout that, the concrete will not have issues in the long term. Unfortunately, even though those are all good and important practices for certain conditions, they will not prevent long-term environmental damage. In this blog, we explore the vulnerabilities of new concrete and delve into the importance of utilizing both SealantPro and NexusPro to fortify and preserve concrete slabs.


The Hard Truth About Concrete:

The durability of new concrete is not absolute. Factors such as freeze-thaw cycles, water absorption, and the use of de-icing salts contribute to surface deterioration and cracks, diminishing the structural integrity of concrete over time. The main ingredient in concrete, Portland cement, is extremely vulnerable to environmental forces. 


Freeze-thaw cycles, especially prevalent in certain regions (like Virginia), pose a substantial threat. Water seeping into concrete surfaces freezes and expands, causing internal pressure that can lead to cracks. Additionally, water absorbed into the pores of the concrete can result in a range of issues, from discoloration to more severe structural damage, such as pitting and flaking of the surface.


SealantPro and NexusPro: A First Line of Defense:


Water Repellency

  • SealantPro establishes a hydrophobic barrier on concrete surfaces, thwarting water absorption. This is crucial in regions susceptible to freeze-thaw cycles, mitigating the risk of internal pressure and cracking caused by water expansion.

Durability Enhancement

  • The protective layer formed by SealantPro enhances the overall durability of concrete, shielding it from UV rays, chemicals, and de-icing salts that contribute to deterioration. It becomes permanently bonded with the pores of the concrete. SealantPro can increase the lift of concrete by approximately four times, so if it would have lasted ten years before having issues, it will last about 40 years. 

Crack Prevention and Repair with NexusPro

  • While SealantPro fortifies concrete surfaces, NexusPro caulking is perfect for proactive crack prevention and repair. This advanced caulking solution is designed to seal joints and repair existing cracks, preventing them from expanding and compromising structural integrity. When rebar or wire mesh is placed in concrete, it usually fails due to rust. Once concrete cracks, there is an easy path for water to deteriorate both the reinforcement and erode the soils and sub-base underneath. 

Holistic Protection and Cost Savings

  • Together, SealantPro and NexusPro offer a comprehensive defense strategy against concrete vulnerabilities. The proactive protection and repair capabilities of these products can lead to long-term cost savings by reducing the need for extensive repairs and replacements. SealantPro is a one-time application, so there is no need to reseal concrete repeatedly; NexusPro can move with the concrete expanding and contracting for 20 to 25 years. These products are engineered to last and do their vital job of protecting your concrete. 

Examples of Protected Concrete: 


Shielding Concrete with SealantPro and NexusPro: A Dual Defense Against the Ravages of Time - Image 1Shielding Concrete with SealantPro and NexusPro: A Dual Defense Against the Ravages of Time - Image 2

Shielding Concrete with SealantPro and NexusPro: A Dual Defense Against the Ravages of Time - Image 3

Shielding Concrete with SealantPro and NexusPro: A Dual Defense Against the Ravages of Time - Image 4



To combat the forces on concrete, a dual-defense approach is paramount. SealantPro and NexusPro emerge as a powerful combination to fortify and extend the life of concrete structures. By creating a hydrophobic shield, SealantPro mitigates water-related risks, while NexusPro caulking proactively addresses cracks and joints. This holistic strategy ensures that concrete slabs endure the test of time and maintain their strength and durability for years to come.

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