Tony's Patio Pain

In the heart of the Salisbury neighborhood in Midlothian, VA, a story of home improvement unfolded, showcasing the transformative power of quality workmanship and effective use of PolyLevel foam and NexusPro sealant. Tony had been struggling with an unlevel patio that had significantly diminished his family's ability to enjoy their outdoor space. 


The Problem: An Unusable Patio

Tony's patio had become a source of frustration rather than relaxation. The uneven concrete slabs made it nearly impossible to set up a table and chairs without them being awkwardly spaced apart, compromising the simple pleasure of spending time outside with family and friends. Every attempt to enjoy the patio ended in disappointment, as the uneven surface posed both an inconvenience and a potential hazard. 


When Tony contacted Ogburn Construction, he had a clear vision of what he wanted: to restore the patio to its original state, ensuring it was level and functional. Additionally, he wanted to ensure that the patio had a proper slope to direct rainwater away from the house and into the grass, preventing any potential damage to the foundation.


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The Solution: PolyLevel to the Rescue

Our team at Ogburn Construction knew that PolyLevel would be the perfect solution for Tony's patio issues. PolyLevel is an advanced polyurethane foam injection method used to lift and level concrete slabs. It is quick, efficient, and long-lasting, making it an ideal choice for residential projects. NexusPro caulking was also used to seal the joints so that water could not cause this issue to occur again. 


                                      Tony\'s Patio Pain - Image 2


The Process: Precision and Care

Upon arriving at Tony's home, our team carefully assessed the patio's condition and planned the PolyLevel injection points. We drilled small, strategically placed holes in the concrete slabs and injected the PolyLevel foam. As the foam expanded, it gently lifted the slabs back to their original position. This method ensured a smooth, even surface, and the rapid curing time meant that Tony's patio was ready to use in a matter of hours, not days.


Before and After: A Transformation

The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. The "before" photos showed a patio with unsightly gaps and uneven surfaces. In contrast, the "after" photos revealed a beautifully level and inviting space. Our team's careful planning and execution ensured that the patio not only looked great but also had the necessary slope to direct water away from the house.


Tony's Satisfaction: A Patio Restored

Tony was thrilled with the results. His patio was once again a place where he could set up a table and chairs without any hassle, ready to host gatherings and enjoy outdoor meals. The proper slope of the patio also gave him peace of mind, knowing that water would be directed away from his home, protecting his foundation.



Tony\'s Patio Pain - Image 3


At Ogburn Construction, we take pride in making dreams come true for people like Tony. Using advanced solutions like PolyLevel, we not only restore functionality to spaces but also enhance the quality of life for our clients. If you're facing similar issues with uneven concrete, know that there's a solution that can bring your patio, driveway, or walkway back to life.

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