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Ogburn Construction is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Richmond. Learn more about Ogburn Construction's recent work requests in Richmond and nearby areas!

Learn more about Ogburn Construction Inc's recent work requests in Richmond, VA
Vicinity of Lansing Ave in Richmond
Have a front sidewalk/set of steps that is tilted and has pulled away from rest of porch slightly. Offset is about 4" at most.
Vicinity of Springhill Ave in Richmond
The sidewalk leading to the back deck has washed out under one section and has lowered. I'm concerned about eventual cracking and further washing out.
Vicinity of W Grace in Richmond
I have a small garage in the city and would like the concrete redone. Would like to set an estimate. Thanks!
Vicinity of Grambling Road in Richmond
Sinking walk way
Vicinity of Maple Shade Lane in Richmond
I have a concrete porch about 4 feet x 6 feet. As you look at the house, the left front corner is cracked and has been patched about 3 times, and the patches no longer hold. The railing sits on top of the corner and it wobbles now because the porch surface is cracked.
Vicinity of Colwyck Dr in Richmond
My sidewalk needs 2 sections repaired. The entire sidewalk is only 4 slabs long.
Vicinity of Airfield Dr in Richmond
Good Morning, Where the sidewalk meet the parking lot the concrete has sunk where water puddles. Thank you, Marco
Vicinity of W Grace St in Richmond
My garage floor needs to be redone. It is a 2 car garage that is showing several cracks.
Vicinity of Falstone Road in Richmond
Porch sinking, I would like to have it stabilized.
Vicinity of Center Ridge Drive in Richmond
I have a section of my front sidewalk that has settled. I would like to explore the cost to raise it evenly with the other sections.
Vicinity of Grantlake Road in Richmond
Just purchased a home with several issues need someone to come out and take a look. We are in the process of renovations and are not living in it at the moment.
Vicinity of Chimborazo Blvd in Richmond
Short walkway between houses
Vicinity of Monument Ave in Richmond
I have lots of cracks and dropped areas in fan home garage floor
Vicinity of Kenmare Ln in Richmond
Our driveway, garage, walkway and steps to front door are concrete. I want a quote to know the cost for sealing them
Vicinity of Bainbridge St in Richmond
Concrete slab has sunken on my front porch. It's small only 5' x 19'
Vicinity of in Richmond
Cracked sidewalk section needs repair ASAP
Vicinity of Orchard in Richmond
I have a front concrete porch where it has started to sink below the brick border, causing a tripping hazard. I also have a back concrete deck which is not level do to poor install (prior to living here), which results it water pooling. Believe it might need to be resurfaced so wasn't sure if that is something you all do as well.
Vicinity of Waterford Way East in Richmond
The sidewalk leading to the front of our home is not level and is a tripping hazard. There is also an area where it is eroding and was patched by previous homeowners.
Vicinity of Grove Ave in Richmond
Front porch has settled Also bottom stone step has dropped
Vicinity of Adkins Road in Richmond
Would like to get an estimate on repairing my concrete driveway apron.
Vicinity of Elliham Ave in Richmond
Several cracks and damage spots on concrete floor are in our warehouses
Vicinity of W Main St in Richmond
Thinking about repairing/sealing both the small, front concrete area just before the sidewalk and the edging around the small front yard area. (I live in the Fan.)
Vicinity of Burge Ave. in Richmond
Medical office building where a long crack developed in cement floor. Had foundation looked at by an engineer. His assessment , the opening in the hallway floor is a expansion joint that has expanded due to the excessive dry conditions . He recommends that you have a company come in that will remove the tile and fill the expansion joint with backer rod and caulk. Looking for someone to do this asap.
Vicinity of Farnham Dr in Richmond
Sidewalk is dipping
Vicinity of Winterstick Place in Richmond
Concrete is in bad shape.. needs leveling or replaced..
Vicinity of Cloverfield Ln. in Richmond
Driveway has sunk aprox. 1'' alongside house fondation
Vicinity of Williamsdale Drive in Richmond
If it will work for the issue I have & the cost to do thank you
Vicinity of Turf Lane in Richmond
Just small cracks.
Vicinity of E. Weyburn Road in Richmond
Sunken stoop/landing front porch.
Vicinity of Darton Dr in Richmond
Sidewalk repair
Vicinity of North Rowland Street in Richmond
Front porch dropping
Vicinity of in Richmond
Ceiling of stamped concrete in the front and backyard
Vicinity of Chamberlayne Ave in Richmond
Hello, I need to get a quote on sidewalk repairs for a 143 unit apartment complex. Please give me a call to discuss. Thanks Gray
Vicinity of Welford Ave in Richmond
I have a couple of problems 1) end of driveway damaged from snowplow 2) concrete landing by basement steps 3) concrete landing at end of concrete steps
Vicinity of Winnetka Ave in Richmond
Concrete issues
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