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Concrete Leveling Before & After Photos

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Concrete Sidewalk Lifting - King George, VA

Prioritizing safety, the realty company owning this King George, VA property proactively reached out to Ogburn Construction after customers faced hazards. Our team swiftly addressed the uneven sidewalk, utilizing PolyLEVEL foam to lift and level, eradicating tripping hazards. Now, safety is paramount for the Salon's customers, thanks to this quick and effective solution.

Concrete Steps and Walkway Repair - Richmond, VA

Concrete Revival in Richmond, VA: Look at the remarkable makeover of this walkway and stairs! One of our production crews here Ogburn Construction skillfully power washed the walkway to unveil the original hues, applied NexusPRO to fortify joints and cracks against water infiltration, and used PolyLEVEL foam to precisely level and secure the stairs.

Concrete Porch Repair - Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA -- Wow! Look at this concrete porch/stoop repair! As you can see in the before photo the porch had sunk quite a bit causing separation from the brick step leading into the home. In the after photo you can see that Ogburn Construction swiftly came in and installed PolyLEVEL foam to lift the concrete back to it's original height and applied NexusPRO to the seam in the concrete to protect against further deterioration. 

Concrete Driveway Repair - Midlothian, VA

Prompted by a safety concern, a customer in Midlothian, VA engaged with Ogburn Construction to address their uneven concrete driveway. The 'Before' photo revealed a worrisome sight—a sunken slab creating a hazardous spot. Our team swiftly implemented PolyLevel, a lifting solution, to restore balance and stability. In the 'After' photo, witness the remarkable transformation! With precision, we applied NexusPro silicone-based sealant, complementing the PolyLevel solution. This dual approach not only rectified the hazard but also ensured a seamless, safe, and durable driveway.

Concrete Lifting/Leveling in Stafford

Stafford -- To repair this staircase we used our three-part Concrete Protection Services. First, we inject our PolyLevel foam underneath the concrete to lift, level, and stabilize the stairs with the landing. Second, we fill in the joints using out NexusPro to protect the ground underneath from further settlement. Lastly, we use our SealantPro to seal and protect the concrete from further oil, water, and salt stains. Great work!

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