Work Requests in Midlothian

Ogburn Construction is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Midlothian. Learn more about Ogburn Construction's recent work requests in Midlothian and nearby areas!

Learn more about Ogburn Construction Inc's recent work requests in Midlothian, VA
Vicinity of Lansdowne Terrace in Midlothian
I have one aggregate sidewalk with one area settled, and a flagstone sidewalk with one area of settling. I can send photos showing the two spaces. Please contact me and thanks!
Vicinity of Live Oak Court in Midlothian
I would like a quote to seal my aggregate concrete driveway (including paths to my front and back doors)
Vicinity of North Point Road in Midlothian
Need quote for crack repairs in aggregate, possible lift of one slab and explanation on re-surfacing.
Vicinity of Olde Coalmine Rd in Midlothian
Repair concrete porch and stoop
Vicinity of Fox Haven Court in Midlothian
We have an aggregate sidewalk that has some sections that have sunken, making the sidewalk uneven and a trip hazard. Also front porch steps either need to be lifted or replaced. Would like your opinion on what needs to be done and a quote. Thank you.
Vicinity of Houndmaster Road in Midlothian
The concrete aggregate pad on my house front door is leaning towards house and creating a puddle against the house.
Vicinity of Birnam Woods Ct in Midlothian
Crack across our front walkway
Vicinity of Water Horse Ct in Midlothian
Crack in slab I garage, one side is higher sunken sidewalk (about 6 inches)
Vicinity of Forest Row Tel in Midlothian
Uneven slabs on walkway is a tripping hazard
Vicinity of Baymill Court in Midlothian
Front sidewalk has two cracks. One of them is not level by about 3 inches.
Vicinity of Derby Ridge Loop in Midlothian
Garage concrete floor and ramp has dropped about 2 inches in corner..Foundation in intact.
Vicinity of Misty Lake Way in Midlothian
Need certain sections of front sidewalk leveled and one section needs to be slightly shifted to realign with base of front steps.
Vicinity of Deer Meadow Lane in Midlothian
Front steps landing and rail is pulling away from the house.
Vicinity of Rivermist Road in Midlothian
Hi, We have a cracked sidewalk leading up to our front stoop and we'd like to get an estimate for repair. Thanks!
Vicinity of MCTYRES Cove Rd in Midlothian
Had the front porch rebuilt now the left side is sinking and falling away from the house
Vicinity of Whitecastle Drive in Midlothian
No concerns. We just have some cracks in our concrete driveway that we would like filled.
Vicinity of East Boundary Court in Midlothian
Vicinity of Huguenot Springs Rd in Midlothian
Repair concrete driveway damaged from salt from vehicle tires
Vicinity of Water Horse Ct in Midlothian
Sunken walkway (4 inches). And sunken side of the house
Vicinity of Biggin Pond Rd. in Midlothian
I have a sidewalk with two uneven seams. Buyer of my house want it leveled before closing on June 10. Thank you.
Vicinity of Drakewood Road in Midlothian
Small slab on pool deck sunk at an angle about 1.75 inches and lifted at the opposite side.
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